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My 6 year old child was at the local pool with her group and two boys from another group pushed her down causing her to have a big scrape on her knee exposing her white meat. I was not contacted by staff at all.

They put a band aid over her knee and when I came to pick her up she was scared to tell me. No staff from her classroom told me anything about her being bullied or pushed they were simply no where to be found when I picked up my child. I then contacted the director of operations and the unit director which the unit director did not contact me back and the director of operations telling me to talk to the unit director.

Giving me the run around after my child has only been there for 4 days is not going to work. The staff is not properly trained to deal with children and do not know the correct procedures of notifying a parent when something happens to their child.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Disrgruntledparent101 is quite happy with activites they provided for the children. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss "child neglect" of boys and girls club customer care. Boys and Girls Club needs to "staff suspension" according to poster's claims.

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It's uneducated KIDS watching KIDS... or it's staff who have kids there, who vogue that their kids are angels ..

conflict of interest if you ask me..

unsupervised, uneducated, unethical, understaffed, which is a safety concern .. needs to be shut down !!


You think a scrapped knee is child neglect? You honestly think someone should lose their job over a scrapped knee?

Are you the type who would file a lawsuit against the staff, or perhaps the parents of the "two boys"?

Your daughter will survive, nobody tried to hold her head under water...she fell and scrapped her knee. If you expect someone to be at her side every moment, then do it yourself.

to Anonymous #1169131

Sure do when your child is at a program and they did not notify you about it sure is. No I am not the type who files a lawsuit because if I was I would not blogg about it.

That statement is irrelevant. Nobody said she was not going to survive I am bringing awareness to the fact that she was not being watched and I was not notified of what happened to her point blank period. No I do not have to hold her hand every where she goes but I am not gonna let nobody bully my child too many kids are killing themselves because of people like them two little boys pushing and hitting on other peoples kids. Yall better wake up cuz its already been happening .

I don't expect nothing but what they told the parents at the meeting that our kids would be in a safe enviornment. Obviously that is not the case when staff cant even watch a group of kids and do the basics by calling parents and letting them know what is going on with their child. I have no problem watching my child or nobody elses I used to work at the club and watch her age group which is the biggest age group. No ones child went home with a bruise the summer I worked there so have several seats I know how the club is and they need to train teenagers and some adults about the proper etiquitte of what to do and expect working with kids because you will have some parents who wouldn't blink an eye if this happened to their kids and others who are going want answers and I am one of those parents.

Had my child caused her own injuries I would not be on here but she didn't and she does not go around hitting other peoples kids cuz I raise mines better than that and anybody over at the club and her school can vouch for that but what I am not going to put up with is somebody elses ignorant child pushing my child aroud.

She is not a punching bag. Next time you comment make sure it makes sense because it was never that serious to file a lawsuit but the teenager in that class needs to be aware the situation could have been worser than what it was and she needs to pay attention to the kids she is watching or switch to another age group if she can't handle that group.


I see another mark on her knee...what is that from? I raised 4 kids - 2 boys and 2 girls.

All 4 had scrapped up knees at one time or another...its part of being a kid. I understand you are upset with the adults who were with the kids, but the boys may have knocked her down accidently. A scrap like that doesn't come from falling down from standing still...she was moving. So maybe they were all just playing around when it happened?

Also, I wonder...why would your daughter be afraid to tell you what happened? The scrap will heal, just as the other 'mark' on her knee did.

If she's afraid to go back, don't force her...or, better yet, stay there with her. If she wants to go back, let her...let her be a kid...she will have more scrapped up knees...even scrapped up elbows....just like other children.

to Anonymous #1169120

FYI that other mark came from the scrape. Its not being a part of being a kid when she did nothing to the two little boys who pushed her for no reason.

She was not moving you don't know my child. Had the class leader been watching her group she would have witnessed and notified me what happened to my child prior to me picking her up and telling me herself. That is called neglect the same way if she was at school and the same situation happened at school the school will call a parent and let you know about any bruises or marks that are on your child that happened in their care. Point is she should not have to tell me what happened to her because the counselor or adult over her class should have notified me that she was pushed by two little boys and she fell resulting in her knee being scraped not someone other than her counselor patching up her leg and not telling me nothing.

Some of you people who are commenting feel like its a part of life to get a scrape knee yes if she caused it herself but due to someone else bullying her and doing it to her its not a part of life. People need to teach their kids to keep their hands to themselves and stop bullying other peoples kids who didn't do nothing to them.


you get over it , then teach your kid how to deal with life

to nah #1168962

Theres nothing to get over when your child is suppose to be monitored. My child is being raised the right way and dealing with life maybe the other child needs to deal with the consequences of their actions and keep their hands to their self. Maybe their parent is not raising them right that is not my issue I'm going to protect mines at all cost so get off this post because it does not apply to your ignorance.

to Disrgruntledparent101 #1452330

I know this is old, but the comments to Disgruntledparent101 blog are ridiculous. I'm curious to if the responses were actual parents, teenagers or parents who don't know how to parent themselves.

OP was simply stating that her child was being bullied and it wasn't remedied properly. This is why bullies will continue to do what they do, because no one is doing anything about it. This is all she's saying.Yes our children need to know how to deal with adverse situations, but at the same time, when we leave our children at a school or a camp, we put their lives in their hands and we as parents need to take comfort in knowing that our children our protected and situations are fairly handled. It doesn't sound like it was.

I don't see a problem with her venting about the situation.

If you felt this parent did something wrong, instead of blasting her, give advice as to how you feel she could have handled it if you felt it wrong.Yes two years later, I say keep advocating for your child. Good job mom.

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