I have two children and one has a mental disability, they attend the Billy Thomas boys n girls club Montgomery al (recency park). My children would look forward to going to the club until a month ago.

My son came home and told me that Mr. Curry always talking bad about my younger son an the way he acts. My son can't help it, that brought me to tears how can u do my child like that when I'm not there to defend him. I called the person that supervise the club an he assured me that the issue would be address.

But it wasn't, I pick my kids up the next day an she had been picking at my older son telling him that he must have a mental disability as well, how slow he react to what she say, telling him that he ain't got nothing an never will if he keep acting slow as *** (yes she did curse at him). I would advise all parent that's considering the Billy Thomas boys n girls club to stay away. They always saying if u know someone with kids tell the to bring them there. I see why over a one year period the population has gone from 20+ kids to 10 kids.

If your child tell u something about Mrs. Curry Plz Plz believe them.

That lady is a beast to those kids. Not all boys n girl clubs are the same I just experience this one first hand.

Monetary Loss: $600.

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